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Invited Speaker

Professor David Hammer

Professor of Education and Physics at Tufts University; Chair of the Department of Education; Director of the Institute for Research on Learning and Instruction    Professor Hammer's research is on learning and teaching in STEM fields (mostly physics) across ages from young children through adults. Much of his focus has been on intuitive "epistemologies," how instructors interpret and respond to student thinking, and resource-based models of knowledge and reasoning.

 Keynote Topic: Accepting, Appreciating, and Arranging for the Idiosyncrasies of STEM Learning

Dong Yan

Dong Yan, Ph.D., Prof. of Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University; Vice Director of School of Education and Technology & Member of Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence. Recent research interests: STEM Education and STEM Teacher Professional Development, PBL project-based learning, interdisciplinary learning, students' science-related career aspirations, product-based learning with technical support, teachers' technostress and technical application agency, etc. Published 12 articles in SSCI/SCI/EI journals, and over 40 articles in Chinese core journals and CSSCI journals.

Keynote Topic: Rethinking STEM education to Build Chinese Future of Science Education

Luo Huayu

Chongqing twenty nine information center director, researcher (level 3 is senior teacher), "national advanced individual ethics, model workers in chongqing, chongqing's second batch of educators teacher cultivation object, southwest university of outstanding teachers teacher education, the ministry of education informatization board of directors, executive director of the China education technology association of professional committee of the artificial intelligence, expert consultation committee of education informationization in chongqing, chongqing youth education and guest league secretary general. At the same time, he is also in charge of three studios: "luo huanyu studio, chongqing famous teacher", "luo huanyu studio, chongqing famous teacher" and "luo huanyu model innovation studio".

Keynote Topic: Ant Dream Factory - A Laboratory for Processing Children's Dreams


Dr.Marina Milner--Bolotin      

Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbi
Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin specializes in science (physics and mathematics) teaching and studies ways of using technology to promote student interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Her research interests include Use of Technology in Science and Mathematics teaching, Using project-based instruction in science and mathematics teaching, Student interest and motivation in science studies, Science outreach etc.

 Keynote Topic: Implementing Innovation in STEM Education: From more Technology to Enhanced Learning

Yuan Lei

Doctor, professor, doctoral supervisor. He once served as the dean of the department of education technology of northeast normal university and is now the academic leader of education technology of guangxi normal university. Executive director of artificial intelligence special committee of China education technology association, expert of jilin province. Dedicated to information technology education applications and steam research. Presided over and participated in 5 national general projects of national education science planning, "research on steam education application model in primary and secondary schools", and 12 other provincial and ministerial projects. In tsinghua university press, higher education press and other well-known publishing houses published more than 10 monographs such as theory and practice of social software promoting teaching competence of rural primary and secondary school teachers and research on differential teaching in the information technology environment. He has published more than 40 papers in cssci journals such as research on audio-visual education and audio-visual education in China. It has won the first prize of national education science outstanding achievement award, jilin province education science outstanding achievement award, changchun social science outstanding achievement award and other provincial awards for 8 times.

Keynote Topic: General STEAM Education Theory and Practice

Yu Liang

Yu Liang is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Technology at Southwest University. His research interests include online and distance education, computer supported collaborative learning, education informatization, and technology enhanced learning.He is now a member of the Education Informatization Experts of the Chongqing Education Commission, act as a Subject Examiner of Information Technology for Chongqing Elementary and Secondary School Teachers Qualification Examination. He also serves as a reviewer of many academic journals such as Journal of Distance Education, Journal of Southwest China Normal University, Asia Pacific Education Researcher etc. He has hosted more than 10 projects from Ministry of Education of China, Chongqing city, universities and enterprises. Also he has published more than 30 academic papers on journals of educational technology such as Journal of Educational Technology Development and Exchange, e-Education Research, China Educational Technology and Open Education Research.

Keynote Topic: The Research on Programming Instruction based on STEM+C

Dr.Bronwyn Ewing

School of Teacher Education and Leadership, Queensland University of Technology
Dr Bronwyn Ewing studies the problem of education failure with a specific focus on pedagogy and mathematics. Her research falls into several broad categories, such as unlocking the learning potential of incarcerated low SES and Indigenous young people, multi-sensory and multi-representational teaching and learning in special schools in Queensland, and learning together: Bringing prisoners and students together for peer learning about crime and justice. Her current topics include:
 Pedagogical influences on students marginalised from mathematics learning
 Multi-sensory learning for students with intellectual disability
 Teaching mathematics using virtual reality and drones

 Keynote Topic: Immersive Technologies in Mathematics Education

Zhu Yajuan

Director of tencent education product
Responsible for tencent youth artificial intelligence products, focus on China's future artificial intelligence talent training and layout, tencent youth artificial intelligence education team has more than 100 people.

Keynote Topic: Tencent Helps Young People to Popularize Artificial Intelligence Education