There are many conferences at home and abroad in Southwest university , the hotel on campus does not accept group reservation at present. Therefore, all guests shall book the hotel by themselves. If necessary, you can ask the meeting group to help for booking hotel.

Recommended Hotels:

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Hotel Grading

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between hotel

and southwest


Southwest University Guiyuan Hotel




Hotel is located

at gate 5

Haiyu Hotspring Hotel

Hotel is 3.3km

from gate 2

Ningdeng Hotel020-38013125Economy Class¥215

Hotel is 200m

from gate 5


From Jiangbei airport to Southwest University:

1.Taxi (about 100 yuan)

2.Light- rail train: line 10 (Jiangbei airport T3 terminal station, Yuelai station transfer) -- Guo bo line (Yuelai station, Lijia station transfer) -- line 6 (Lijia station, Tiansheng station) (about 7 yuan)

3.Light- rail train: line 3 (Jiangbei airport T2 terminal station, Hongqi hegou transfer station) -- line 6 (Hongqi hegou station, Tiansheng station) (about 7 yuan)

4.Bus: airport to Beibei special line (about 10 yuan)

Chongqing north railway station to Southwest university:

1.Taxi (about 100 yuan)

2.Light rail: line 10 (on the chongqing north railway station, and transfer at Hongtudi station) -- line 6 (on the Hongtudi station, off the Tiansheng station) (about 7 yuan)

3. Bus no. 558 (about 10 yuan)

Chongqing west railway station to Southwest University:

1.Taxi (about 110 yuan)

2.Light rail: 217 road (Chongqing west railway station, Chongqing library station transfer) -- loop line (Chongqing library, Ran jia ba station transfer) -- line 6 (Ran jia ba station, Tiansheng station) (about 7 yuan)

3. Bus no. 526 (about 10 yuan)